Pennsylvania Limits Motorcycle Learners Permits

1motorcyclesafetyRep. Seth Grove introduced HB 892 in this session of the Pennsylvania State Legislature in an effort to curb the practice of “serial permitting” by novice riders in the state.  The bill was just signed by the Governor and becomes effective immediately.

The new law restricts the number of times someone can reapply for a motorcycle learners permit to three times in a 5 year period.  Prior to this law, there was no restriction on the number of times an individual could reapply for a learners permit and thereby skirting the need to take the full motorcycle license written and riding test.

“We have been dealing with individuals who continually violate the restrictions of motorcycle permits because they treat permits like actual licenses,” Grove said.

The State ABATE also supported the bill and provides providing free student motorcycle safety training, with an opportunity to obtain a class “M” license upon completion of the course.

For more info, visit, the state Department of Transportation’s Live Free Ride Alive website, or call 1-800-845-9533.

One thought on “Pennsylvania Limits Motorcycle Learners Permits

  1. I have a friend in Georgia that has been riding longer than I have, but I recently learned he has still does not have a license. He has been riding on one learner's permit after another for at least seven years!

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