Daytona Bars No Colors Policy

NO_COLORS_SIGNDoes your favorite bar in Daytona have up a “no colors” policy? ¬†How do you feel about that?

7 thoughts on “Daytona Bars No Colors Policy

  1. Ok what about ink? Since a lot of the 1% crowd have visible ink showing affiliation to what ever MC they belong to, are they going to be banned or forced to cover up.

  2. I'd say it's okay to have a "No Colors" policy understanding that the bikers are just as apt to put in a "No Patronage" policy.

    A couple of days of empty bars and those signs will go the way of the DoDo bird in a big hurry.

  3. I don't step foot in any of those discriminating places and if you want to be a "biker helping another biker" you won't either. They don't get a dime from me.

  4. Well all there’s a big distinction between an MC and a gang. Every club is different and all have there “colors” including law enforcement clubs, Fire Fighters/Emergency Med Clubs, US Military Clubs ect ect… There are many others that are upstanding support in community type MC’s that wear these “colors” This sign is mainly for the 1% clubs to avoid possible conflict. However just because they don’t have there cuts on on doesn’t mean they won’t have problems and these signs are pointless and creating more strife and conflict by trying to keep them out. You ever hear the term a wolf in sheeps clothing I’m sure you have.. There are many lawyers,doctors,law enforcement that support or if not in the 1% community as well. So don’t judge merely from an artical of clothing.

  5. Very well said Desimac.
    Just because we own a bike, we are labeled part of a Gang.
    We are Not A “Gang” we are “Bikers” helping out others in need.
    We are not all in a “Club”
    Many are Motorcycle Rights Organization’s.
    T.V. and National Media don’t do us Bikers Just.
    Thank you to All Bikers that do help others in need.
    Check us out,
    Thank You

  6. The words Biker and gang should not be in the same sentence. Bikers support more charities than governments. Bikers provide safety and give strength to children of child abuse situations. Bikers are tax payers, homeowners, moms, dads, sons, daughters, nieces and nephews, grandma's and grandpa's. Again the words Biker and gang should not be used in the same sentence. thank you.

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