Here Comes The ‘Gov…Harley Style

1GovHarleyNevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has bought his raffle ticket for Las Vegas Harley-Davidson®’s one-of-a-kind Nevada Sesquicentennial-themed motorcycle.  The Governor stopped to check out the bike and show off his raffle ticket while at the 2014 DRI Nevada Medal Event at ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas on Thursday, March 27.

Celebrating Nevada’s 150th anniversary, 2,000 raffle tickets for the custom motorcycle are being sold with all proceeds benefitting the Nevada 150 Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization formed to support the Nevada Sesquicentennial Commission and official Nevada Sesquicentennial Events. Signed by the governor, the bike, a 2014 FLHX Harley-Davidson Street Glide®, will be raffled off at the grand opening of Las Vegas Harley-Davidson®’s new location this fall, which will be located directly on the Las Vegas Strip at 5191 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, just steps from the famed Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

Tickets are $150 each and can be purchased at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson® (2605 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169), at select Nevada 150 events throughout the state and at several additional events that the bike will be making appearances at throughout Clark, Nye and Lincoln counties.

Those interested can visit www.hdnv150.com or call (702) 431-8500 ext. 1183 for the latest information on upcoming bike appearances, raffle tickets, eligibility and full contest rules.

One thought on “Here Comes The ‘Gov…Harley Style

  1. Am I the only one disturbed by a "commemorative" motorcycle in a state that allowed (and continues to allow) certain jurisdictions such as boulder city and las vegas metro to continuously violate the rights of motorcyclists? 4 separate civil rights lawsuits pending that I am aware of, a class action civil rights suit involving over 12 complainants, including a willful false arrest. Boulder city police chief Thomas Finn forced to resign. And my all time favorite, the arrest of attorney Steven Stubbs for refusing to allow LV Metro officers to question his client alone:

    "When Attorney Stubbs returned to the scene, several officers prevented him from speaking with Plaintiff Tambe, and threatened to arrest him if he failed to obey their commands and stand a long distance away from Mr. Tambe. Attorney Stubbs informed the officers that Mr. Tambe has a Constitutional right to counsel, following which a female officer told Attorney Stubbs, ‘there is no right to counsel on the streets of North Las Vegas, only in a court room."

    And to make matters worse: Harley turns a blind eye, just like they did in QLD Ausralia, all while shouting "freedom, freedom! buy our bikes because we care so much about your freedom", instead of using their considerable influence to maybe for once stand up for their loyal customers. Disgusting on all fronts.

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