Motorcycle Journey’s Through The American South, by Scott Cochran

The best road, restaurants and history in one book!

If you grew up below the Mason Dixon line, you know the joys of riding the backroads of the American South, but do you know its best-kept secrets? And if you “ain’t from here” as they say, well, you just don’t know what you’ve been missing! Locals and visitors alike will discover a region filled with gorgeous scenery, challenging roads, engaging points of history, and fabulous local food in this new travel guide written specifically for motorcyclists by one of the South’s most popular motojournalists.

In this 256 page soft bound book, USRiderNews Editor Scott Cochran takes readers along his favorite roads and introduces them to the unique and historical destinations that make The American South a two wheel riders paradise.

In these pages you’ll travel the length of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, and visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley, see the Ruins of Windsor and spend a few quiet moments at the final resting place of Meriwether Lewis, of Lewis and Clark fame. You’ll escape the madness of Daytona’s Bike Week with a trip to the “mountains” of Florida and learn the legend of Gator Joe, the reptile who snitched on the infamous Ma Barker Gang. You’ll party in an authentic southern juke joint and dine at a restaurant where Henry Ford, Walt Disney, President Jimmy Carter and Thomas Edison once dined.

You’ll visit the Cradle of the Confederacy and scrape your pegs in the canyons and curves of the area known as the earthquake capitol of the south. You’ll visit a working 1850’s village and try to decode the meaning of the enigmatic Guidestones of Georgia.

Along the way you’ll sample such southern delicacies as fried bologna, grits, barbecue and fried green tomatoes! Plenty of full-color, detailed maps, photographs, and easy-to-follow directions are provided to make sure you find your way with no lost vacation time and no frustration.

$15.99 (shipping included) from USRiderNews at 888-374-3371. Autographed if desired.

ISBN: 1-884313-61-2

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