A Two-Wheeled Tribute to the Space Shuttle

On Friday, the Space Shuttle will lift off from Cape Canaveral for the last time. This launch marks the end of a 30-year space shuttle program era. The Shuttle program wasn’t just a bridge between earth and space, but the most ambitious engineering project the world has ever seen. The bravery of the astronauts that flew it, the ingenuity of the scientists that designed it and the diligence of the engineers who built it has inspired a generation of dreamers and game-changers across the world.

From one game-changer to another, ApriliaUSA , known for its advancements in two-wheel technology, invites you to share in our tribute to America’s Space Shuttle Program and last flight. Please check out the video tribute, released today from Aprilia USA.

New ApriliaUSA Video: Can Technology Help You Become a Better Rider/Racer?

NEW YORK, NY – June 15, 2011 Motorcycle performance is being revolutionized and, for the first time, this new era heralds increased rider control and safety as much as it does more power and less weight. At the forefront of that revolution is ApriliaUSA with its advanced new Performance Ride Control system. Unlike rivals, APRC isn’t just a safety net, but instead works to enhance rider control, allowing RSV4 riders to wring the maximum possible performance from their motorcycle.The individual components of Aprilia Performance Ride Control (Launch Control, Wheelie Control, Traction Control and Quick Shift) are explained in this video.

Can technology help you become a better motorcycle rider or racer on and off the track? ApriliaUSA says “absolutely” – and the Italian manufacturer is showing you how it’s done with an adrenaline-charged new video. Enter Aprilia Performance Ride Control

(APRC) as seen on the new Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE and RSV4 R APRC.  To highlight the APRC features and how riders can benefit by the use of the electronics package to ride like a champion on and off the track, check out this short video released from Aprilia USA today:

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheApriliaUSA

Backed by a record of 45 World Championships, 327 race victories and 277 MotoGP wins, Aprilia’s experience and knowledge gained on the track has paved the way for cutting-edge innovation and technological advancements for their production bikes.  In fact, the Aprilia RSV4 took the Triple Crown in the World Superbike Championship last year.  From there, Aprilia transferred its racing technology from champion Max Biaggi’s RSV4 directly to their production-based motorcycles. Unlike past generations, the new RSV4 was built with APRC, the same technology used on the winning RSV4.

The new APRC system features four levels of control: ATC (Aprilia Traction Control), AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control), ALC (Aprilia Launch Control) and AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift). All of the APRC systems work together to produce quicker lap times.

·         Aprilia Launch Control gets you off the line faster;

·         Aprilia Quick Shift lets you get up to top speed faster;

·         Aprilia Wheelie Control lowers the front end under hard acceleration and out of bends;

·         Aprilia Traction Control lets you explore cornering limits with 8 levels of sensitivity.

Developed for and proven on Max Biaggi’s World Championship-winning RSV4 superbike, APRC combines four individual components — launch control, wheelie control, traction control and quickshift into one seamless system. The rider can program individual levels of intervention or disable each system individually, but in action, they’ll only experience greater control and increased confidence.

Aprilia Launch Control works with both Wheelie Control and Traction Control to facilitate the fastest possible race starts. Three rider-programmable modes make this accessible to everyone from novices to experts. Once set, the rider only has to hold the throttle wide open and modulate the clutch to launch the RSV4. Launch Control holds revs at maximum torque — with programmable rpm thresholds from 9,500 to 10,000rpm — while preventing the wheelies and wheel spin that could limit performance. Once the RSV4 crosses 100mph and 2nd gear is selected, Launch Control disengages. The Aprilia RSV4 is the first street-legal motorcycle to ever be equipped with Launch Control.

Aprilia Wheelie Control APRC uses multiple data points including acceleration, attitude and throttle position to determine if a wheelie is actually occurring. Rival systems are much less sophisticated, simply comparing the differences in wheel speeds. All that data allows APRC not just to cut power when a wheelie is detected, but to incrementally modulate the height of that wheelie, maintaining maximum acceleration in safety. This advantage is especially felt while cornering, enabling the front tire to maintain contact with the track as the RSV4 drives out of corners.

Aprilia Traction Control allows riders to intuitively select eight different levels for different corners on the same track. In addition to comparing wheel speeds, APRC consults a gyroscope to determine lean angle and an accelerometer to determine acceleration. Unlike rival traction control systems, this enables APRC to maintain rather than simply cancel slides. Since maximum acceleration is achieved beyond the threshold of complete grip, this makes motorcycles equipped with APRC faster. While in that controlled slide, APRC also allows riders to determine their own angle of slip using the throttle. More throttle equals more slide and vice versa. Because all this occurs while the RSV4 is prevented from spinning out of control is indicative of how sophisticated APRC is.

Aprilia Quick Shift also brings novel functionality. Like other systems, RSV4 riders can use it to upshift without closing the throttle. APRC can complete shifts in just 40 milliseconds. Unlike rivals, Aprilia’s solution will bring benefits away from full-throttle too. APRC evaluates the ride mode selected, throttle position, gear position and acceleration to determine how to deliver the smoothest possible shift. RSV4riders will most appreciate this while riding at the limits of adhesion, shifts will no longer have the potential of crudely breaking grip.

Combined, APRC works to increase rider safety in the same way as rivals. But where their traction and wheelie control systems can do only that, APRC seamlessly facilitates enhanced rider control. APRC is the only traction control system that allows for re-calibration to different tire sizes, as no other manufacturer offers this.

Ride Like a Champion with Aprilia

NEW YORK – May 4, 2010 – Aprilia USA, the North American importer and distributor of award-winning motorcycles, announces the Ride Like a Champion tour, an education and training program for Aprilia dealers, just in time for the 2010 riding season. Aprilia dealers, who received product training at the annual dealer meeting and service training at the tech center, now get the opportunity to experience the RSV4 on the track. The tour will give select Aprilia dealers additional technical expertise, product knowledge and informational tools they need to provide enthusiasts with an incredible experience on the RSV4. The dealer training and track day portion of the tour will be followed by dealership-based customer events, such as open houses, RSV4 demo rides and other local market activities.

The summer-long tour started in Southern California and moves to other major markets, including:

 April 26 – May 24: Southern California

 May 17 – July 5: Northeast

 May 31 – June 28: Northern California

 July 7 – July 21: Northwest

 July 26 – Aug. 9: Central (Denver)

 July 11 – Aug. 9: Southeast

 Aug. 16 – Sep. 20: Texas

 Aug. 16 – Sep. 6: Michigan

For an updated Ride Like a Champion calendar, please visit www.apriliausa.com.

“The Aprilia RSV4 is one of the most technically advanced super bikes on the market and customers deserve to hear every exciting chapter of its story,” says Paolo Timoni, president and CEO, Piaggio Group Americas. “That’s why we’re bringing another very personalized training experience directly to Aprilia dealers, including the opportunity to unleash the RSV4 on the race track.”

Already a multi-award recipient from leading media in the USA and from around the world, the Aprilia RSV4 continues to take podium finishes in the 2010 World Superbike Championship. Team Aprilia Alitalia, with racers Max Biaggi and Leon Camier will compete in the only American round of the series, taking place May 31 at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT.

For more information on the Aprilia RSV4 or to find a local Aprilia dealer, visit www.apriliausa.com.