Beat The Cartoonist!

We’ve talked our cartoonist into a little friendly challenge. We told him that our readers are funnier than he is.  He said we could kiss his muffin ass.  So, this is up to you to decide.   Submit your funniest caption and we’ll post the top five and vote on Facebook.


Are you funnier than our cartoonist? Submit your best one and find out!

April Issue Funny Caption Contest

What’s Your Funniest Caption?

In honor of the 70th anniversary of Daytona’s Bike Week we dug this photo out of our archives. It was taken at the Last Resort Bar in Port Orange… you remember it’s where Aileen Wuornos, (the only female serial killer ever executed) used to hang out when she was in town.

While there’s nothing funny about women who kill men for pleasure and that’s not Aileen in the photo, there has to be a few funny captions out there just waiting to win our caption contest of this month.  Put your comments on this page or on our Facebook Page.

Funny Caption Contest for March Issue there’s no motorcycle in this picture.  But,  we’ve all been to those “campground” style field rallies where the action is mostly “off” the bike.  So, as we gear up for spring, we thought it appropriate we pick this picture for our Caption of the Month contest.   Place your guess here, or on our Facebook Fan Page. that what I think it is...

Funny Caption Contest for February Issue

what's your funniest caption?

Hey Abdul-la..that car keeps following us….do you think they’re trying to steal little bo peep?  Speed up..!

This isn’t a new picture and it’s probably been around the block a few times..(like that sheep) but we know our readers can put a whole new spin on the funny captions.   Remember, we publish the funniest ones in the magazine!  You could be famous..!

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Funny Caption Contest for January 2011 Issue

look twice to make sure you see the whole story here!

There’s no doubt that safety is at the top of the list for some motorcyclists, that why this family always wears helmets…except jr, who couldn’t find one narrow enough…. In this frigid winter we thought it would be nice to spend a little time coming up with a funny caption for this photo.  Enter here, or on our FACEBOOK page