American, Always” The latest painting from Eric Herrmann.

Eric Hermann, American Always

If you’re in my age group you probably saw the movie ‘Easy Rider” when it first appeared. Very turbulent times indeed. The war in Vietnam, long hair not allowed, drugs, and choppers. Well times have changed, or have they?

“American, Always” depicts a modern day version of one of the most famous motorcycles ever made. Of the two original “Captain America” motorcycles made for the movie, one was destroyed, one was stolen. Billy and Wyatt died from a Duck Hunters Shotgun. Placed in a graveyard setting, just as in the movie, the bike still shines, the flag stands tall, and we are all still riding. Times sure have changed, or have they.

Very turbulent times these days. It’s not like we haven’t seen this before.

“I’ve been riding since before the movie ‘Easy Rider” appeared and I still am.

I still get Goosebumps when I hear the national anthem at a NASCAR Race.

I am an ‘American, Always'”  Eric Herrmann

16 x 21           Edition of 300 / Gallery Wrapped              $400.00

24 x 32           Edition of 300 / Gallery Wrapped              $800.00

32 x 42           Edition of 50 / Custom Framed               $2500.00

Wheel JockeyTM – Chain & Wheel Chores made Easy

Wheel JockeyTM,,  is a new tool that offers a compact solution to the bothersome task of rotating motorcycle wheels for cleaning and drive chain maintenance.   Once a motorcycle is easily “walked” onto Wheel Jockey, wheels turn on ball bearing rollers and provide easy access to the entire wheel or chain.   And, Wheel Jockey is small enough to stow under the seat or in any motorcycle luggage!

Says Industry veteran and owner, Bill Kniegge, “I was always looking for a better solution to daily chain maintenance while leading motorcycle tours around the mountains of North Carolina.  I guess ‘necessity really is the mother of invention.’ Wheel Jockey came about as a result of needing a very portable way to accomplish wheel and chain work without a helper.”

Constructed of sturdy steel and aluminum, Wheel Jockey measures approximately 4” x 4.5” x 1.5” and can accommodate road bikes up to 750 lbs.   Suggested Retail Price is: $54.00 plus Shipping and Handling

Cycle Sounds Audio System for Victory 8-Ball

Cycle Sounds, LLC,  has recently introduced their Victory Vision® 8-Ball fairing audio system. Kit includes 5.25 inch full range speakers, amplifier, and all necessary wiring and connectors to hook the system up. Wiring harness includes quick disconnect for easy installation and removal of the fairing with the sound system installed. With Cycle Sound’s easy mp3 hookup, there is no need for a CD player or head unit. Just connect the standard 3.5mm earphone jack to any audio source and enjoy the music. Cycle Sounds systems are compatible with most any mp3, GPS, satellite radio, etc.

Cycle Sounds, LLC produces a wide variety of audio components, not just for the Harley or Victory markets, but also for sportbikes, metric cruisers, ATV, UTV, scooters and the new Can Am. These are the only audio systems designed and engineered specifically for the motorcycle market and complete systems start at only $249.95.

Epic Wide and HD Video Cameras

Excellent new helmet mount camera for capturing all ride events. Consider even leaving it on during every ride, like police and patrol car cams. Then, if something goes bad, you’d have indisputable legal evidence. (check your local or state ordinances for legal issues) Think about having proof that will stand up in court. Included with the camera are contoured adhesive mounts, a highly adjustable elbow mount, and a strap mount (standard resolution camera also includes a waterproof shell mount), that allow as many mounting options as there are bad drivers on the roads. Also includes AAA batteries and a 2GB SD card to capture hours of riding exploits right out of the box. Standard Wide camera shoots TV quality640×480 VGA video at 30 fps and HD captures life-like 1280×720 digital video at 30 fps. Upgrade to a 16GB memory card to store up to 26 hours of ride-footage. The 168° wide angle lens will capture a sharp view of not only the road in front of you, but your ride surroundings as well. Camera automatically adjusts for lighting conditions and the built-in microphone captures continuous audio. Standard camera also functions as a solid 5MP camera and HD model as an 8MP camera to capture sharp still photos (…document an accident scene?). Of course itwill immortalize the most epic goofball ride-stunts, too. U won’t even know it’s there…until U need it. 1.3″x2.75″, 2.8 oz.

Standard Wide #3000 $199.00
HD Wide #3100 $299.00

Ceramic Coated Shotgun Pipes from Rush

Ceramic Coated Inside and out

RUSH has taken old school Shotgun pipes to a new level with more than just a classic look.  In the past, in order to improve performance and reduce the heat, bikers would use heat tape to wrap their pipes. Using the newest technology, RUSH accomplishes the same effect by Ceramic Coating the pipes inside and outside! Old timers knew lower temps improve exhaust gas flow improving power and at the same time making the bike more comfortable to ride.  These exhaust systems have been designed to fit 2009 and 2010 HD touring models.

The systems are heavy-duty steel providing strength and a deep throaty sound that all Harley owners look for. Terry Daniel and Lou Pringle owners of RUSH Racing Products know motorcycle exhaust and what biker’s want, and these pipes deliver. The pipes can be ordered in show quality Chrome (silver ceramic head pipes) or sinister Black (black ceramic head pipes) with choices of two different baffles. RUSH offers different baffles for performance and sound tunability.

Mounting is easy and hardware and instructions are included. Suggested retail is $525.95 for Chrome and $535.95 in Black. RUSH always gets compliments on fit, finish and great sound. See your local RUSH dealer today

Zippo's 2010 Harley-Davidson Collection

Hold Your Zippo!

With summer just around the corner motorcycle season is once again upon us.

Before answering the open road’s call though Harley riders should be sure to grab one of Zippo’s new 2010 Harley-Davidson collection lighters.

These iconic windproof lighters from one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the world feature the same reliable design as the original 1930s models such as the trademark flint- wheel ignition system, rugged metal construction, hinged lid, one-hand operation and the distinctive ‘click’ that have made the Zippo lighter legendary.

They are as reliable as the bikes whose emblem they proudly bear and will be a perfect companion for any trip long or short.

Traditional HD logo on brushed aluminium

Cleaners to Fit In Your Saddle Bags

WIZARDS® Products introduces a convenient Saddle Pack for Motorcycles. Each Saddle Pack contains four great WIZARDS® products in a 2oz. size including: Mist-N-Shine™, Bug Release™, Vinyl Shine™ and Bike Wash™, as well as one of our Multi-Fiber™ Cloths — all the products you need to keep your bike looking great while you’re on the road in an easy-to-carry pouch. Saddle Packs are also an excellent way to introduce our line of professional detailing & finishing products to your friends or customers.

RJ Star Inc. / WIZARDS, manufacturer and exclusive distributor for WIZARDS® Products, offers a complete, professional line of appearance care items designed to clean, shine and protect all surfaces of the vehicle.

Other WIZARDS® products include the highly regarded Mist-N-Shine™ Professional Detailer, Shine Master™ Polish and Breathable Sealant, Crystal Clear™ Plastic Cleaner & Polish, Bug Release™ All Surface Bug Remover, Power Clean™ All Purpose Cleaner, Supreme Seal™ Paint Sealant, Metal Polishes, Metal Sealer, Mini and Metal Buff Kits and Multi-Fiber™ Cloths.

Custom Cycle Control Systems Introduces Climax Hand Controls Package

Custom Cycle Control Systems Inc. recently announced their new “Climax Hand Controls” package. Now for the first time, you can solve the “clean handlebar” dilemma with one complete package. You supply the bars…we supply the rest. Climax Hidden Hand Control Systems produces by far the cleanest looking “self-contained” handlebar systems available. Designed to function as good as they look, these concealed handlebar systems will enhance the look of any bike, whether H/D, Metric, or Custom.

The hand controls are completely concealed…All the lines, wires, and cables run through the bars and exit below the top tree.  CCCS also has a wide variety of many different handlebar styles to choose from, ranging from old school drag bars to radical new styles such as the Rock Star. You can also incorporate a digital speedometer from either Wire Plus or Dakota Digital into your design. Additional features and benefits of a CCCS complete hand control system include:

• 100% internal wires, cables and hoses

• All wires, cables & hoses come extra long so you can “cut to length”

● Hidden brake and clutch fluid reservoirs

• 7  micro switches (maintain all stock control functions)

• Controls are designed to work as good as the look

● Convenient push pin accessibility to the internal throttle, and reservoirs (no special tools needed)

● Dual Cable Internal Throttle (easily accessible)

• EZ Pull Throttle Lock

• Install Kit (includes everything necessary to complete the job…hydraulic fittings, relay, bleeder bolt, fill funnel, throttle cables/ends and ferrules)

• MSRP: $1,899.00

For those interested in obtaining more information on other award winning products from Custom Cycle Control Systems, Inc., you can reach them at         866-438-2129 or 702-438-2129. Check them out online at or email them at

Motorcycle Performance Sportswear From Harley-Davidson

Performance Fabrics Wick Moisture, Combat Odor and Block UV Rays

Performance Colorblocked Shirt (P/N 99141-10VM, $60)

MILWAUKEE (March 25, 2010) – The new men’s Performance Sportswear from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® line utilizes performance fabrics to regulate body temperature, resist odors and protect riders and passengers from the sun. Their woven, moisture-wicking cotton/polyester blend draws perspiration away from your skin to keep you cool, dry and comfortable. Anti-microbial properties combat odor-causing bacteria, while UPF-30 treatment blocks 96 percent of the sun’s UV rays. The result: you stay drier, fresher and protected while maintaining simple wash-and-wear flexibility.

The Performance Microstripe Woven Shirt (P/N 99140-10VM, $55) features a snap-down collar, embroidered graphics and comes in S – 5XL sizes.

Performance Microstripe Woven Shirt (P/N 99140-10VM, $55)

The Performance Colorblocked Shirt comes in stone (P/N 99141-10VM, $60) and grey (P/N 99102-10VM, $60). It’s constructed from 55-percent cotton,

45-percent polyester twill and comes in S – 5XL sizes.

The new line of Performance Sportswear is available now at most Harley-Davidson dealerships.

For additional information on Harley-Davidson MotorClothes products, see your local Harley-Davidson dealer or visit To find a dealer near you, call 1.800.LUV.2RIDE in the U.S. or Canada.

Men's Harley-Davidson Helmets with Retractable Sun Shield

MILWAUKEE (March 25, 2010) – Instantly react to changing light conditions with a new Retractable Sun Shield-equipped helmet from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® line. Available in polycarbonate Half, 3/4 and Full/Modular shells, the One Touch internal tinted shield is activated by a quick pull or push, so you remain focused on the road when light conditions

3/4 Harley Helmet P/N 98210-10VM, $160

change. The 3/4 Helmet (P/N 98210-10VM, $160) and Modular Helmet (P/N 98211-10VM, $250) utilize an AccuSight anti-fog outer shield with optically-superior 3D design, 95-percent UV protection and

Modular Helmet (P/N 98211-10VM, $250)

anti-scratch coating. And like the Half Helmet (P/N 98212-10VM, $125), each features a removable/washable liner, meets DOT requirements and is available in XS – 2XL sizes.

3/4 Harley Helmet P/N 98210-10VM, $160

All three Sun Shield-equipped helmets are available now at most Harley-Davidson dealerships.