Ridewright Wheels Introduces 3-Piece Modular Billet Hub

Anaheim, CA – Anaheim, CA – Ridewright Wheels, the leading premium spoke wheel builder in the U.S. and now manufacturer of forged billet wheels, introduces their new 3-Piece Modular Billet Hub. Manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, Ridewright engineers developed the next generation in hubs. Ridewright is the first to offer these innovative state-of-the-art-designed hubs and will be found on all Ridewright Wheels including their new forged line.

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Bell Introduces Radical New Helmet Design

Bell Rogue Helmet


Scotts Valley, CA, Jan. 8, 2013 –  Bell Helmets, the company that pioneered the first racing helmets in 1954, are blazing yet another new trail for the industry with the company’s latest category-defying product introduction. Today, Bell unveiled “Rogue,” a totally unique open-face helmet, designed to provide facial coverage from the elements that previously had not been provided by any other open-face helmet on the market.

Designed with the cruiser market in mind, but appropriate for a wide variety of motorcycling applications, Rogue addresses a long-standing gap in the market for an open-face helmet that provides increased coverage against the elements. Particularly useful in cold-weather conditions and for long-distance touring, Rogue is equipped with a first-of-its-kind, adjustable and detachable “muzzle” system, allowing riders increased comfort and protection against the elements.  The muzzle benefits are also aesthetic, creating an ominous-look to the Rogue, ideal for the attitude and lifestyle synonymous with the cruiser category.

“For years, our sales reps and dealers have had cruiser riders lamenting about the need to lose their bandannas for an open face helmet that’s got the attitude and style that they seek, but also provides some facial coverage for wet, cold or other harsh riding conditions,”  said Chris Sackett, General Manager, Bell Powersports. “Rogue fulfills this need from both a standpoint of function and form, with an edgy design that makes it hands down the meanest-looking helmet we’ve ever made. So far, pre-orders from our dealers have been extremely strong, and we’re excited to see the consumer reception for this unique new design.”

Rogue is based on a lightweight composite shell that looks like a half helmet, but is actually a three-quarter design, thanks to an EPS that extends from the rear portion of the shell into a comfortable neck roll pad. The innovative muzzle is constructed from molded thermoplastic polyurethane, featuring air vents and a removable fleece liner for added comfort and protection. The muzzle fastens to the helmet through a FidLock magnetic connection system, easily fastened directly into the system’s magnetic receptors and removed by simply sliding the muzzle piece in an upward direction.  Length is also adjustable through straps on either side of the muzzle that ratchet into the helmet shell.

The helmet’s shell and EPS are available in three sizes for more expansive size range and maximum comfort, with the liner being removable and washable. Rogue is DOT certified, and available in Solid Black, Solid Matte Black, Army Green and Solid Gunny finishes. Rogue is priced for retail at $249.95 and will be available at Bell dealers in March.

Top 5 Best Selling Motorcycle Gifts

Home5.  Sons of Anarchy T-Shirt.   Chances are you, or someone you know is a fan of the FX drama, Sons of Anarchy.  OK.. we hear you..we  don’t watch “those” fake biker shows either.  But, the truth is, somebody out there is watching…and a whole lot of somebody.  According to Entertainment Weekly, in the second month of last season,  4.6 million viewers tuned in and the showw was up 14 percent from last week and ranking as the fifth season’s best rating since last month’s premiere.  So click the link, buy the shirt and gift it to that hard to buy for biker in your family.

4.  St. Christopher Ride With Me Pendant. $29.00 (on sale was $50)  We’re not superstitious, but we also believe that having a good luck talisman never hurt anyone, wether it’s ride bells or an image of St. Christopher, the patron saint of travelers.  It’s one of the best “neutral” gifts you can give the motorcycle rider in your family.  It’s the right size and color, and you don’t have to remember which brand they ride.

3. Home DIY Neon Lights:  While we believe the best looking neon lights are the ones installed by the professionals, this do-it-yourself kit for $60 is a great way for the gear head on a budget to light up his or her ride.  Again, this gift is “brand neutral” and will work equally well on Harley-Davidsons Road Kings or Yamaha sport bikes.  Comes with two 5 Inch, Two 6 Inch, and Two 12 Inch Flexible, Waterproof Strips, 1 Year Limited Warranty and Free Lifetime Technical Support

2. Battery Tender I know we’re harping on this “brand” neutral theme, but frankly, it seems the best selling Christmas gifts for bikers are the ones that can be used by all riders.  The Battery Tender is a gift that will be appreciated by gear heads of all types.  Whether he or she owns a motorcycle, boat, RV or ATV, anything that tends to sit idle for long periods of time will fall victim to a dead battery if it isn’t “tended.”   At $34.00, this gift will be appreciated for years to come.

1. HomeGo Pro Hero Camera  The best selling, best loved gift of any motorcyclist is the Go Pro Hero camera.  Pair this with the optional wi-fi backpack / remote  combo and you will never miss another “gotcha moment.”  We know riders who mount this camera on their handlebars and shoot video as they ride for use in the unfortunate event some idiot pulls out in front of them and they need evidence to show the road conditions, their speed and the fact that the driver should have easily seen them coming.  Other carry it to Sturgis, and Daytona for “video” reference of their adventures.


Company Develops Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle Gloves

Beartek Bluetooth gloves for skiing or motorcycle use

We wear gloves to protect us.  We listen to music on long rides to entertain us.  If we want to do both, then we have a problem.  Your phone is tucked neatly away, and the gloves make it difficult to quickly retrieve it.  Now, you don’t have to.

Using Bluetooth and a new patent-pending glove technology, you can easily control your music and phone calls by simply touching your fingers together.  Answer that call, or change the song, and leave the phone in your pocket!

BEARTek has innovated protective gloves that allow remote access and control of target devices. These feature-rich gloves allow users to conveniently and safely control their Bluetooth enabled smart phone functions such as music and phone calls. Simple touches of the thumb to the appropriate finger will activate the desired function on the target device. The removable module on the back of the glove can be used with any of the future series of BEARTek gloves. You can also control music and calls without taking your hands away from key safety controls. An interchangeable module allows you to own as many different kinds of BEARTek glove as you want, and still only have purchased one electronic device. New features means only 1 new module, not replacing all of your gloves.

To get in on the ground floor, the Columbia Missouri company has launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can help bring these gloves to the public and get your own pair before anyone else!


absorbent pad protects paint during fuel ups

Annoying fuel burps or spills can harm paint, as well as cause pollution and dangerous situations, such as fires if gas drips on a hot engine.  Cleaning it up is another problem, since the insufficient, scratchy paper towels at the station hardly get the job done.  The patented Chadd Padd® provides the perfect solution by catching and containing any spills or overages that may occur at the pump.  The industry’s premier, disposable refueling bib protects motorcycle and car surfaces from hose and nozzle damage.

Originally designed for use on corporate jets, the waterproof Chadd Padd delivers 10″ x 10″ of fuel absorbing power.  Made from clean, soft and absorbent polymers, it is anti-static treated and can hold up to 4.5 oz. of petroleum products.

The Chadd Padd can be used multiple times for a variety of applications.  With a perforated, partial hole design, it accommodates most filler ports for refueling or adding oil.  The pad can also be employed as a drip mat and is even disposable, in accordance with applicable regulations.

The economical Chadd Padd retails for just $9.95 for a convenient 6-pack, while a roll of 36 10″ x 10″ pads is $34.95.  Enter promo code EZFUEL8 at www.chaddpadd.com to save 10%.

Contact Chadd Padd, PO Box 11875, Daytona Beach, FL  32120. Toll free: 888-EZ-FUEL-8 (888-393-8358).

Leakdown Tester from JIMS

JIMS®,  has just released the new JIMS® Dual Gauge Leakdown Tester, No.782, for use on all models including Twin Cam, aftermarket, and Metric motors. The hose assembly features both 14mm and 18mm spark plug threads. This easy to use and understand gauge also includes a 10mm and 12mm adapter for Metric motors. JIMS Dual Gauge Leakdown Tester will troubleshoot cylinder leakdown issues such as; valve seat issues, bad rings, bad head gaskets, etc. For more information find JIMS® on the web at www.jimsusa.com, become a JIMS facebook fan, or call 805-482-6913.

Airbag In a Jacket


(Baltimore, Maryland)  – A recent report revealed that nearly 4,800 motorcyclists died in crashes last year in the United States alone. Further,  the number of fatalities involving motorcycles has increased annually for  the past 11 years in a row. But now a uniquely designed safety product  called the Armored Air Jacket is aimed at decreasing those numbers dramatically.

The Armored Air Jacket is an effective airbag system integrated into specially designed jackets. The Armored Air Jackets come equipped with a small Co2 air cartridge attached to a ripcord that is tethered to the motorcycle. Riders simply connect the ripcord lanyard to the anchoring cable as they mount the motorcycle, much like a throttle kill ripcord on snowmobiles and jet skis. When the ripcord is activated during an accident,  the integrated airbag system automatically inflates within the jacket,  filling the internal airbag bladder in just one-half second. The inflated airbag provides an armor-like layer of extra protection to the most vulnerable areas of the body, including the neck, chest, back, ribs and  spine, thereby reducing injury as the cyclist impacts with another object or the roadway.

Tested and certified by a leading automotive airbag deployment system testing firm, the Armored Air Jacket has already been credited with saving the lives of cyclists around the nation.

In one accident in Baltimore, a  cyclist was cut off by a motorist and ejected 100 feet, hitting the ground  at 70 mph.  The rider was wearing an Armored Air Jacket and suffered only an injured hand, soreness, scrapes and bruises – but it could have been much worse.

The jacket and vest, available in a fashionable collection, can be used  repeatedly and are even washable. The Armored Air Jacket and Vest retail for approximately $595 and $250 respectively and can be ordered online:  www.armoredairjackets.com

Tips For Staying Cool On Blistering Hot Motorcycle Rides

It’s a feeling that very few non-motorcycle owners can understand.  When the mercury reaches the century mark, the heat comes in waves.  It’s been described in various ways.

“It’s like riding through hell wearing thermal underwear,” or as one woman recently said of her ride,  “It felt like  I was riding with a massive hair dryer blowing in my face.”

Riding in temperatures reaching triple digits can be as dangerous as riding in freezing temperatures.  The beginnings of a heat stroke, as with hypothermia, can affect your judgement and impair your ability to operate a motorcycle safely.

The Warning Signs:

Individuals with high blood pressure, those who are overweight are at a higher risk to suffer heat exhaustion and/or a heat stroke.  High temperatures with high humidity combined with these risk factors and alcohol use or certain medications and the ingredients are all present for a tragic end to the ride.

Symptoms include pale clammy skin, headaches, dizzy, nausea, loss of memory and fainting,  muscle tremors, cramping and being tired and weak.  Red skin with little or no sweating indicates a dangerous level of heat exhaustion.  At this point immediate action must be taken to prevent a heat stroke.

The treatments are mostly common sense, but remember the victim may not be mentally capable of making the right decision.  Move them into the shade or preferably air conditioned space.  Spray water on the person, and get some air circulating around the victim with a fan and have them drink non-caffeinated fluids, cool but not ice cold.

Rinsing with cool water is fine, but do not apply ice to the victim as it will fool the body into closing skin pores to retain heat, making the situation worse.

Stay Cool on the Bike:

It’s not always possible to avoid riding when the temperatures reach triple digits, and even with temperatures hovering between 90-98 Fahrenheit the combination of high humidity exposes the rider to dangerous heat stress.

The best course of action may be to wear long sleeves and or a good mesh leather riding suit, especially on rides where the temperatures reach north of 98 degrees.

Our body is wonderfully adapted when it comes to keeping us cool.   We can cool off a lot easier than we can warm up.

Motorcyclsits however, are at a disadvantage when it comes to cooling because in extreme heat, the wind is not our friend.  Temperatures over 100 degrees turn the environment  around our motorcycle into a convection oven.  Strong winds, even as low as 35 mph, snatches away our perspiration before it has had time to cool our skin, leaving us dehydrated and hot.

Add to that the radiant effect of sunlight on uncovered skin (such as wearing thin t-shirt, tank top or no shirt) and serious sun burn isn’t far behind.  Sylvia Cochran, of USRiderNews says her trips to  South Dakota for the Sturgis rally has given her a much better appreciation for the damaging effects of extended sunlight and 80 mph winds on the face and arms.

“In only a few hours of interstate riding you get a nice ‘farmer’s tan’ and your skin starts to feel really ‘cooked.’”  Says Cochran.  “I started wearing long sleeve technical style shirts that runners wear.  They’re made with a cotten/synthetic blend that keeps sunlight off your skin, but the fabric is breathable so you can feel the sweat cooling your skin as it evaporates.

Cochran adds that she also wears a full face hybrid flip style helmet and evaporative vest on long hot rides.

“The vest helps lower your core temperature. But to maximize it’s benefit it must be worn next to the skin preferably under a lightweight vented or perforated jacket. ”  She said.   “At every gas stop I usually buy two bottles of water and drink one, and use the other to soak my vest before getting back on the bike.”

The stares of disbelief as she slips on a jacket in 100+ temperatures are priceless but there’s almost always another motorcyclist who tells her that they do the same thing.  “I’m more surprised at those riders who don’t understand this will keep you cooler than just a thin t-shirt.”

The bottom line is when the temperature reaches triple digits, try to keep as much of your skin covered as possible and to drink fluids at every gas stop while cooling in the shade or inside the store.  Riding through Hell is never fun, but at least it gives you something to talk about at your next bike night!

Phase Change Cooling Vest

cooling vest for motorcycle rides

e COOL-U” Phase Change garment is designed to be worn beneath clothing without the physiological problems that would result from ice packs being placed in close proximity to the skin. COOLING ENERGY is created from a unique PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL (PCM) mechanically sealed in durable inserts. After freezing in ice water or a refrigerator (it freezes at 58 degrees so a refrigerator will freeze the chemical pack) for approximately twenty-five (25) minutes, COOL-U” PCM Cooling Vests deliver a constant temperature of 58F/14C for 2-3 hours. Our vests are ideal for wearing under a leather riding suit or perforated leather jacket.  The vest includes 1 set of 4 cooling inserts. Each vest has side and shoulder Velcro” adjustments to accommodate for various shapes and sizes. M-L is for anyone 100-175 lbs, L-XL for anyone 175-250 lbs.

New Short, Regular & Long Aerostich Transit Suits

Aerostich’s groundbreaking waterproof/breathable leather Transit Suits are now available in thirty two additional sizes: A ‘Short’ and ‘Tall’ size range supplements eight Regular 38″ to 52″ sizes to provide more than 1100 new and unique fitting options. This means more comfort for more body types and riding styles.

The unique Transit Suit is completely waterproof, using a combination of GORE-TEX® Pro-Shell Leather, full internal seam sealing, and the latest in waterproof zipper technology. The soft, supple 1.2mm top-grain hide of the Transit Suit also wears about 30° cooler than traditional leathers on sunny days, thanks to a unique, proprietary solar reflective black pigment. GORE-TEX® Pro-Shell Leather also prevents the hide from soaking up water like regular leathers. A full width two-way zippered back vent located beneath a 3M Scotchlight reflective panel offers increased air flow in hot weather. Jacket sleeves feature a waterproof zippered gusset with an infinitely adjustable hook and loop tab for getting just the right fit at the wrists. The pants feature full-length side zips for easy entry and oversized reflective ankle gathering tabs to adjust over your riding boots. The versatile pants are patterned to wear alone, or over your everyday clothes. New Aerostich TF5 visco-elastic impact armor offers greater protection with a close-fitting, comfortable array of removable elbow, shoulder, knee and back pads. There are five pockets in the Jacket, and three in the pants, too…

With the availability of thirty-two new sizes, adding up to over a thousand fitting combinations, the Transit Suit offers better protection and more comfort, whatever your local riding conditions, plans or immediate climatic situation. Not just leathers, but an advanced, complete rider protection system, designed for you to ride…More.