New Jersey Considers Repeal of Sunday Motorcycle Sales

New Jersey State Legislators are considering lifting the ban on Sunday motorcycle sales but some dealers are resisting the change.   On June 28, the Senate voted 38-2 to exempt motorcycle sales from the ban. The proposal would not change the ban on Sunday automobile sales.

In a report on the Press of Atlantic City the chief officer of the National Motorcycle Motorcycle Dealers Association said,  “Motorcycle sales across the United States have plummeted.”  He said, “It’s a mixed bag, in that most people are open on Saturdays and they want to have a couple days off. But the way the economy is, the dealers need to be open every day of the week to make it. A lot of people aren’t open on Sunday that could be.”

The bill is pending in the Assembly, where it could see action in September

Connecticut May Require Motorcycle Training

April 20, 2010 Motorcycle riders in Connecticut may have to take a 15 hour safety course and fork over $200 for the privledge of riding in the Constitution State if a bill, currently under consideration passes all the legislative hurdles.

The House appropriations committee voted Monday 42-2 in favor of a bill that would require anyone applying for a motorcycle endorsement, regardless of age, to complete a novice motorcycle training course. Currently, only those under 18 must take a training course.

The transportation committee passed the bill in March. It now goes to the House of Representatives and the Senate for action.

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Businessman sentenced for using Pagans for muscle

(AP) CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A Virginia businessman will spend more than three years in prison for an extortion conviction involving the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club.

John N. Maggio of Alexandria, Va., pleaded guilty in November. The 47-year-old electrical contractor admitted asking a Pagan’s officer for help extorting nearly $30,000 from two business associates.

Maggio was later recorded telling a Pagan’s member to threaten the associates and that he didn’t care how badly they might be hurt.

He is one of more than 15 defendants who have pleaded guilty in a sweeping federal racketeering case targeting Pagan’s leaders and associates from West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and several other states.