Sexy Supermodel Does Real Burnout

rides her own motorcycle!

Say what you want to about Harley-Davidson and burnouts in general but having a Victoria Secret supermodel like Marisa Miller light up the rear tire on a huffy bicycle would be sexy enough for most of us.  Throw her slender leg, decked out in skin tight black leather,  across the saddle of a motorcycle and the sex appeal is off the hook.

Marisa said that while most people see her as this supermodel on a pedestal, on the runway sort of person, “No one would ever guess I actually ride a Harley.”   She believes it’s important for women to “challenge themselves.”

Marisa challenged herself with her first burnout in front of a bunch of people all watching and hoping she does it right, but she had a little help from pro drag racer Gene Thomason.

Sexy, smart and not afraid to try new things, we can only say, good job Marisa