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Looking for a little extra wad of dough?  Well…with gas prices being what they are, who could blame you for shamelessly competing for a meager $200?  Certainly not us.  The rules are simple, make sure you’re a Fan of our Facebook page, click to share this post and post your answer in the comment section.  Make sure we can see your post because that’s how we pick a winner!   And, how do we pick the winner you ask?  Good question  I can see you’re Harvard educated.

It’s totally random.  We put all the correct entries into a smelly helmet and pick out the winner.  Nothing complicated, no special Google algorithms to decipher, or quantum physics involved.  We used to let Bubba, our bike mechanic,  pick the winning entry but he has a habit of picking his nose and it freaks us out when we have to take the paper from him, so we  just do it ourselves now.   In case of a tie, the decision of the judges is final.  Remember to share this page with your friends so they can win too! (for those educated at Dartmouth it’s that Facebook “send” link at the bottom of this post)  Good luck!


35 thoughts on “Guess Cover

  1. Hmmm… let's see if my community college education does me any good here… The September Issue cover is Deadwood, South Dakota. I'm a little concerned that the last comment I see posted here is from nine weeks ago…

  2. My entry for the big duck contest is 1012 Flanders Road (route 24) Flanders NY Tel # 1-631-852-3377
    The town is also known as Riverside, NY

  3. Forgive me. I do know where Cripple Creek, Colorado is. I don't know about computers. That is photo on the cover. David Willett

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