Billy Lane Joins Orlando Custom Bike Shop

billy lane outOn Tuesday, August 6th, Global Motor Werks posted on their Facebook page, “Billy back – and he’s here to customize your ride”   We reached out to the shop and talked briefly with Pat Torre, who identifed himself as one of the owners, who confirmed that Lane was working at the shop but would not provide any additional information about Lane’s status.  One friend who asked not to be identified said Lane was on work release from the Avon Park Work Camp where he has been serving his 6 year sentence.  No other details have been released about the conditions or restrictions placed on Lane by the Florida prison system.

According to reports, Lane was given credit of 2 days per month against his jail time for good behavior.

On August 14th, 2009,  Lane was sentenced in a Florida court to serve 6 years in prison with 3 years probation for a wreck that killed Gerald Morelock on September 4, 2006.

In 2011, BikerNet conducted an interview with Lane conducted while he was incarcerated, in which Lane said he would be eligible for work release in the spring of this year.  When asked about his plans for when he’s released, Lane said, “Ultimately, my goal is to have small shops in both Florida and California. I have life-long ties here, which I could never abandon, but I need a change. I’ll find it in California. If she’ll say yes, I’ll marry my girlfriend.”  Read the interview 

There was no mention of Lane’s release on his company website or Facebook page, Chopper’s Inc.



Who needs tons of baggage? GO SOLO!

GARAGE LEATHERS has the perfect set-up for your Harley-Davidson™, custom Softail, Bobber, Hardtail or Chopper.  If you’re riding a custom and need a bag for your bike, or you just want to take off those “bulky” looking factory bags and want something that looks cool, we have just what you need.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., our bags are made of hand selected heavyweight leathers with close attention to hardware detail. Our standard left side bag attaches with four straps directly to your rigid frame without the need of brackets.  And finally, as an alternative for you Softail owners, our bags strap directly to your swingarm.

These bags shown in black leather are also available in brown.

#1 Big Bad Dyna Latch bag fits 2000 to present H-D™ Dyna® series

#2 Latch bag fits ‘86 to present H-D™ Softails® and most rigid frames

#3 Two strap Dyna for 2000 to present H-D™Dyna® Series

#4 Sporty bag fits most H-D™ Sportster® models without passenger pegs

#5 Double Strap Solo fits ‘86 to present H-D™ Softails® and most rigid frames

#6 Tilly Bag/Utility Bag can mount on any forks, frames or struts

#7 EZ Pouch mounts to risers and is designed to carry EZ Pass but also makes a great case for your cell phone

For more information or to place an order contact Robert at 888-917-6789 or

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Can’t Get in the Wind? Fire up the Wii Instead

Patent drawing show what the new Wii game might look like

We all know there are times when you just can’t get away and ride. Too much work, or the bike is in the shop or, heaven forbid, it’s too cold or too hot for comfort. Soon you techie types might have a way to virtually enjoy the wind in your hair with a new game that uses the Wii balance board.

Nintendo Life is reporting that Nintendo Software Technology has filed new patents for an apparent first-person motorcycle game controlled with the Balance Board, with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk acting as handlebars. Players would control their virtual chopper  by leaning their body left or right to pull off sharp turns using all three controllers.

There is no other information on the game or when it might be released.

American, Always” The latest painting from Eric Herrmann.

Eric Hermann, American Always

If you’re in my age group you probably saw the movie ‘Easy Rider” when it first appeared. Very turbulent times indeed. The war in Vietnam, long hair not allowed, drugs, and choppers. Well times have changed, or have they?

“American, Always” depicts a modern day version of one of the most famous motorcycles ever made. Of the two original “Captain America” motorcycles made for the movie, one was destroyed, one was stolen. Billy and Wyatt died from a Duck Hunters Shotgun. Placed in a graveyard setting, just as in the movie, the bike still shines, the flag stands tall, and we are all still riding. Times sure have changed, or have they.

Very turbulent times these days. It’s not like we haven’t seen this before.

“I’ve been riding since before the movie ‘Easy Rider” appeared and I still am.

I still get Goosebumps when I hear the national anthem at a NASCAR Race.

I am an ‘American, Always'”  Eric Herrmann

16 x 21           Edition of 300 / Gallery Wrapped              $400.00

24 x 32           Edition of 300 / Gallery Wrapped              $800.00

32 x 42           Edition of 50 / Custom Framed               $2500.00