Carmen Poses With Police Bike; Avoids Ticket

We don’t know the identity of the lucky LAPD motorcycle cop who spotted Miss Sexy Electra “slightly speeding” and pulled her over, but at least he was thoughtful enough to snap this mug shot forus.   While “officially” there was no record of the stop, we’re assuming since Carmen herself tweeted this photo posing with the officer’s bike, she was given a warning, probably a stern one.    Since we know there will be a lot of negative comments about how the cops are showing favoritism and such, just remember, “haters are going to hate!”


NYPD Loses Seven Motorcycles Seized As Evidence

New York NY:  You can seize them, but you can’t always keep them.  That is, if you’re the NYPD.

In July, the department seized 60 high end motorcycles as evidence in a motorcycle and gun trafficking ring.  in late August,  7 of those motorcycle were then stolen from a Bronx NYPD parking lot.  The clueless cops said the lot was fenced, but not locked and the bikes were stored in a box van with their batteries removed, and the wheels locked to make them harder to steal.

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Motocross Champ Arrested For Impersonating A Police Office

James "Bubba" Stewart (from official website

He has been featured in  Rolling Stone, Maxim and GQ, Teen People, and is the star of a Fuel TV reality show “Bubba’s World.

After yesterday, James “Bubba” Stewart’s next profile might be on the TV show “Cops.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Stewart  and a friend was driving a 2008 Toyota Tundra pickup on State Route 417 near Orlando when they allegedly tried to pull over a couple of off duty Florida highway patrol officers using red and blue police-type emergency lights.

When the officers identified themselves, they said Stewart, who was driving, sped away.  The off duty officers called 911 and Stewart was apprehended at the Orlando International Airport.  He was booked and released at 2:50 am and did not comment to waiting reporters.

His website calls him the “Tiger Woods of Supercross.”  He has not commented publicly on the arrest.