Senior Vs Junior? OCC Returns to Televison

Father and Son Teutel in the early years

If you’re one of those Orange County Chopper haters and celebrated when TLC announced the end of the show, then we’ve got some bad news for you.  They’re baaaacccckkkk!

Yes, as much as you hate to hear it, The Learning Channel is beginning production on a new reality (if you want to call it that) show that will feature the head to head competition between the original shop, Orange County Choppers and his son’s new shop, Paul Jr. Designs, which is located near the site of the original shop in Rock Tavern NY.

According to published reports, the pair haven’t spoken in over a year since the tift which caused Sr. to fire his son from the family business.  The pair are embroiled in a lawsuit in which the father is demanding return of 20% of the business from Junior.

Executive producer Christo Doyle told the Post, “This is a very bitter situation that runs really deep — at times I feel I’m a family therapist and not a producer.”

For his part, Paul Jr says he’d like a reconciliation.  Paulie is quoted in the NY Post as saying, “I’m always hopeful for a reconciliation, but sometimes these things happen for a reason.”

Forgive us for thinking the reason may have more to do with a dip in the ratings than a 20% slice of the pie.