Epic Wide and HD Video Cameras

Excellent new helmet mount camera for capturing all ride events. Consider even leaving it on during every ride, like police and patrol car cams. Then, if something goes bad, you’d have indisputable legal evidence. (check your local or state ordinances for legal issues) Think about having proof that will stand up in court. Included with the camera are contoured adhesive mounts, a highly adjustable elbow mount, and a strap mount (standard resolution camera also includes a waterproof shell mount), that allow as many mounting options as there are bad drivers on the roads. Also includes AAA batteries and a 2GB SD card to capture hours of riding exploits right out of the box. Standard Wide camera shoots TV quality640×480 VGA video at 30 fps and HD captures life-like 1280×720 digital video at 30 fps. Upgrade to a 16GB memory card to store up to 26 hours of ride-footage. The 168° wide angle lens will capture a sharp view of not only the road in front of you, but your ride surroundings as well. Camera automatically adjusts for lighting conditions and the built-in microphone captures continuous audio. Standard camera also functions as a solid 5MP camera and HD model as an 8MP camera to capture sharp still photos (…document an accident scene?). Of course itwill immortalize the most epic goofball ride-stunts, too. U won’t even know it’s there…until U need it. 1.3″x2.75″, 2.8 oz.

Standard Wide #3000 $199.00
HD Wide #3100 $299.00