Hells Angels 1; French 0

Club Settles Lawsuit with French Design House Over Use of Death Head Image

HA Forces Designer to recall items such as this clutch

The NY Daily News is reporting today that the design house Alexander McQueen has moved quickly to settle the lawsuit brought by the Hells Angels Motorcycle club over the use of images the club says infringe on it’s trademark.

Also named in the suit were Saks Fifth Avenue department store and online retailer Zappos.com.  The defendants will pull all merchandise featuring the motorcycle gangs trademark “death’s head” insignia, reports New York magazine

The agreement requires the defendants attempt to recall all merchandise, including rings, dresses and purses featuring the trademarked design and have the pricy items destroyed destroyed.

In the report, one unidentified member of the club told the Times that many companies feel they can freely use the HA trademarks because they don’t respect the business side of the club.    “The reason for them doing it is, I guess, because we’re the Hells Angels, they have this strange idea that we’re all illegal criminals or something.”