Newest Orlando Harley-Davidson Store is Custom Fit

Seventh Central Florida Location Debuts at Downtown Disney® West Side

Orlando, Fla. – When customers enter the newest Orlando Harley-Davidson (OHD) location at Downtown Disney® West Side , they won’t hear the usual store soundtrack of chart-toppers and oldies. As soon as they set foot inside, they’ll be greeted by the sounds of the road: the roar of V-twin engines accelerating from 0 to 60 and the signature “potato-potato” for which Harleys are known. This isn’t just a store – it’s a celebration of the Harley-Davidson® culture. And that’s just how owners Steve and Anne Deli envisioned it when they started designing the store two years ago.

“For fans of the brand, Harley-Davidson® is a way of life,” said Anne Deli, President of OHD. “We wanted this store to speak to that culture. For us, it’s about more than selling merchandise. It’s about creating a place for both die-hard Harley fans and those simply curious about riding.”

The new store’s 3,635-sq.-ft. layout and hands-on format encourages customers to touch the merchandise and sit on the display bikes. For the first time at a
Harley-Davidson® store, visitors can “ride” a motorcycle in front of a variety of green-screen backgrounds, including Daytona Beach and Route 66, and take home photos to remember the experience.

When it comes to merchandise, the store offers everything from adult shirts and jackets to baby bibs and dog collars. For those looking to personalize the iconic Harley leather vest, the store sells a wide array of pins and patches, including some exclusive to the location. A full-time seamstress sews purchases while customers wait.

Throughout the motorcycle world, Harley-Davidson® bikes are renowned for their intricate design and custom paint jobs. To incorporate this element, local artists Vince Balistreri and Ted Schoonard each designed and painted original sculptures for OHD.

“It’s not often that a store doubles as an attraction,” said Deli. “We wanted to encourage interaction for all ages of Downtown Disney® visitors. As lovers of the Harley-Davidson® lifestyle, Steve and I designed the store to reflect the type of place we’d want to visit.”

Situated between Planet Hollywood and AMC Theatres, the store is located at 1502 East Buena Vista Drive in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Hours are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Love bug season in Southwest Florida is a stubborn, sticky time for drivers who have to scrape insect debris off the front of the car to avoid paint damage.

But try getting them out of your beard.

“When I go through a cloud, you don’t want to hug me,” said Dean Lindquist, a local motorcycle rider known as the Mayor for the resemblance his stature and facial hair bear to the “The Wizard of Oz” character.

In between the patches on the front of his black leather vest and around his matching angle-heeled boots are the telltale flecks of gray he couldn’t remove after recent rides.

Bugs in your whiskers and on your clothes may be one price to pay for choosing two wheels over four during the biannual love bug seasons, in April-May and August-September, but seasoned riders know there is more to it.

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