Carmen Poses With Police Bike; Avoids Ticket

We don’t know the identity of the lucky LAPD motorcycle cop who spotted Miss Sexy Electra “slightly speeding” and pulled her over, but at least he was thoughtful enough to snap this mug shot forus.   While “officially” there was no record of the stop, we’re assuming since Carmen herself tweeted this photo posing with the officer’s bike, she was given a warning, probably a stern one.    Since we know there will be a lot of negative comments about how the cops are showing favoritism and such, just remember, “haters are going to hate!”


Vegas Police Soon to Patrol on Electric Bikes

Will Vegas PD use their new electric bikes in future police rodeo's?

If the image of a motorcycle cop, roaring up on his Harley-Davison, outfit complete with sunglasses and jackboots intimidates you, then have no fear.  Beginning in this month, Vegas PD’s motorcops will portray a nicer, more enco friendly image.

Las Vegas Metro PD is going green with seven electric motorcycles that will cruise the Convention Center Area Command, an area which includes the Strip.

The motorcycles were paid for by a $50,000 donation from the Consumer Electronics Association, and are said to “quietly” reach speeds of more than 50 mph.

Which is great if you dislike the annoying noise conventional gasoline engines produce, or the nuisance of having to chase suspected casino robbers who use pesky high powered sport bikes as their getaway vehicles.  Not that the Harley fleet had any chance of catching fleeing robbers on sportbikes anyway, but at least you’d hope they could scare the crap out of them

Metro’s announcement of the new motorcycle fleet comes as thousands of attendees begin arriving for the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show.