Stolen Motorcycle Leads to Fatal Mis-Identification

Police in Alberta Canada went to Melody Halls home to tell her that her husband had been killed in a motorcycle wreck.  Hall said at first she was stricken with grief and then confused when Police described the victim having tattoos in places her husband did not have any and then when they put the time of death at 1am the previous night, and she had seen her husband off at 7am that day.  She called her husband at work and he was very much alive.  The mystery was solved when she led police to the garage where his 1992 Suzuki Intruder was discovered stolen. After further investigation it was discovered a neighbor stole the bike and died in the subsequent accident.

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History’s Mystery. Where is The Harley Elvis Gave Up To Pricilla in 1971

Admittedly we didn’t do a lot of research into this, but last night at an auction in Texas, the official 1972 divorce papers between Elvis and Pricilla Presley hidden away for nearly 20 years, came to the block and were purchased by an unnamed buyer for 8,963.

The 12-page agreement signed by both Elvis and Pricilla, granted Priscilla ownership of a 1971 Mercedes Benz, a ’69 Cadillac El Dorado and a ’71 Harley-Davidson motorcycle in addition to $100,000 in cash and half the income from the sale of their three houses in California.

There’s one thing in all this we can’t help but wonder about.  Where is that bike?  If you know, leave a comment.  We’d like to talk to the current owner.

The King split with Pricilla in 1972. 4 short years later, he was dead.