Lane Splitting On The Table in Nevada


Reno NV  Nevada may become the first state to officially sanction motorcycle lane splitting, according to a report in USA Today.   A similar bill was passed by the State legislature in 2010 but vetoed by then Gov Jan Brewer.

Video Vegas PD officer rear ends biker then chews him out

The Democratic controlled House passed the bill in April and the Senate is expected to pass the bill before summer recess. Republican Gov Sandoval has not indicated if he will sign or veto the bill.

Russian lane splitting biker gets caught in embarrassing situation

Lane splitting is not “officially” sanctioned in California, but CHP turns a blind eye and allows the practice at what it considers “safe” speeds.  Proponents argue that the practice is safer for motorcyclists who are less likely to be rear ended during stop and go traffic jams.

Read the whole story on USA Today. 

DUI Charges Re-filed against Indianapolis PD Officer

The attorney for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer David Bisard is asking a judge to dismiss new DUI charges that have been filed against his client in relation to the August 6th crash in which Bisard allegedly drove his squad car into three motorcyclists, killing one and injuring two others.

The former prosecutor dropped those same charges a week or so after they were filed saying the tests were improperly administered and could not be used in court.

The blood test revealed Officer’s Bisard’s BAC content was 0.19 two hours after the crash,  which is more than twice the level at which an Indiana driver is considered drunk.

Before the case can go to trial, Marion Superior Court Judge Grant Hawkins will have to rule whether he agrees with the former prosecutor that the initial blood alcohol test was improperly administered.

Hawkins also said he expects the one side other the other will appeal his ruling.

If the blood alcohol evidence is allowed to stand and if Bisard is found guilty, he could face decades in jail.