Carmen Poses With Police Bike; Avoids Ticket

We don’t know the identity of the lucky LAPD motorcycle cop who spotted Miss Sexy Electra “slightly speeding” and pulled her over, but at least he was thoughtful enough to snap this mug shot forus.   While “officially” there was no record of the stop, we’re assuming since Carmen herself tweeted this photo posing with the officer’s bike, she was given a warning, probably a stern one.    Since we know there will be a lot of negative comments about how the cops are showing favoritism and such, just remember, “haters are going to hate!”


US Donates Harley-Davidson Police Bikes to Lebanon

a HD print ad from the mid-50's

The US State Department is promoting American interests overseas and bringing a bit of Western Culture to Lebanon in the form of Harley-Davidson Police motorcycles.

Yesterday the US Embassy in Beriut dropped off 20 specialized HD Police Road Kings as a gift to Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF).

“Today, we add another iconic American vehicle to the ISF arsenal,” Sison said at the handover ceremony in Beirut. “These impressive and easily recognizable motorcycles will certainly assist the ISF in projecting its presence in the eyes of the Lebanese citizens, and if I might add — doing so with great style.”

The Harley’s cost a total of about $500,000, the State Department said, part of more than $100 million that State’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Bureau, known as “Drugs and Thugs,” has spent on the ISF since 2007.

the state-of-the-art police motorcycles, identical to ones used by many American law enforcement agencies, were produced in the U.S. and are outfitted with specialized police equipment including enhanced steering and braking capabilities and lights and sirens with mounted microphones and speakers.

Kawasaki Returns To Police Duty

New Police Bike from Kawasaki

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. is offering the Concours 14 ABS Police motorcycle to U.S. law enforcement agencies.  Complete sales and support services are available through the company’s network of more than 1,100 U.S. motorcycle dealers.

Kawasaki will provide post-sale warranty support as well as law enforcement maintenance personnel training. Police unit preparation will be handled through a partnership with Beaudry Motors, Inc.

Concours 14 ABS Police motorcycles lead the segment in safety, acceleration, handling, and braking.  All units are delivered with a tighter turning radius and custom law enforcement equipment, including: adjustable speedometer, a second wiring harness with 12 fused circuits and a separate battery dedicated to the add-on electronics installed by Beaudry Motors, Inc.  An extensive selection of emergency equipment is available to satisfy agency requirements.

More Capable:

The Concours 14 ABS provides significant competitive advantages for law enforcement agencies, compared to the police offerings from competing manufacturers.

  • Available high-performance Traction Control.
  • High-performance ABS brake system.
  • Quickest acceleration in the law enforcement class.
  • Best high-speed handling in the law enforcement class.
  • Heavy-duty 41.5 amp alternator.
  • 441-pound payload capacity.
  • Removable saddle bags.
  • Tough and durable clutch is the least-expensive system to replace in the category.
  • Three-year unlimited mileage factory warranty.
  • Fleet service staff training, plus the authorization to conduct non-warranty maintenance and repairs, on-site
  • Purchasing agencies may also take their vehicles to any Kawasaki motorcycle dealer for regular maintenance, repairs, or warranty service.

Competitive Pricing:

  • Turn-key retail costs vary from $16-$22,000 per unit, depending on model year and level of equipment options ordered.
  • Taxpayers save more than $2,000 per-unit in initial acquisition cost, compared to comparably equipped BMW R1200RT-P or Harley Davidson FLHTP motorcycles.
  • Depending on fleet size, total cost savings to communities, governments, and the taxpayers could rise to millions of dollars, once reduced maintenance and repair costs are factored-in.
  • A complete clutch system replacement—one of the most frequent police unit maintenance needs—costs less than $400 in parts and labor. This represents a savings of several hundred dollars1, per occurrence, and could mean a savings of thousands of dollars over the life of each vehicle.