Do You Mind if We Share This Taxi Ma’am?


Entrepreneurs in foreign countries have already been using motorcycles as taxi cabs for years especially in the heavily congested parts of Asia.  It’s a trend that never caught on in the US.  But now Moto Limos believes American’s are ready and they’ve chosen the two cities with the densest populations,  New York and Los Angeles.

Moto Limo hopes to lure the busy business traveler to it’s services by pitching that when others are stuck in traffic, you’ll get to your destination on time.  blue Tooth helmets will be provided for productivity and they’ll provide rainsuits during inclimate weather and a blanket for those New York winters.

Moto-Limo says they can also carry some luggage for you.  Click here for luggage carrying ability

You can  also request a trailer with the taxi and will come with at least 15 year professional experienced rider. This is a club service so you can expect to pay a membership fee of  $125 to $150 depending on your choice of bikes and services.  It could cost you around $90 for the Gold Wing, that also depends on your membership status.