Lane Splitting On The Table in Nevada


Reno NV  Nevada may become the first state to officially sanction motorcycle lane splitting, according to a report in USA Today.   A similar bill was passed by the State legislature in 2010 but vetoed by then Gov Jan Brewer.

Video Vegas PD officer rear ends biker then chews him out

The Democratic controlled House passed the bill in April and the Senate is expected to pass the bill before summer recess. Republican Gov Sandoval has not indicated if he will sign or veto the bill.

Russian lane splitting biker gets caught in embarrassing situation

Lane splitting is not “officially” sanctioned in California, but CHP turns a blind eye and allows the practice at what it considers “safe” speeds.  Proponents argue that the practice is safer for motorcyclists who are less likely to be rear ended during stop and go traffic jams.

Read the whole story on USA Today. 

Motorcycle Transforms Just Like R2D2

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away a small beepy droid showed us that flipping from two legs to three at the drop of a hat can be pretty handy. Moving slowly and manoeuvring in tight spots, two of his wheely legs worked a treat. But if he had to pick up the pace? Just flip-out lucky leg number three. 

Fast forward to today, and that same principle is being applied to the latest generation of urban cycles right here on Earth. And leading the way is the UNO III Streetbike – deftly switching from two-wheeled dicycle to sleek, three-wheeled sports bike (and back again) at a moment’s notice.

transformation animationIn Uno Mode, the U3 supports itself on its two rear wheels. Controlled by internal gyros to maintain stability, it makes tight turns and slow, controlled movement a breeze. In fact, in this mode the U3’s footprint is so small that you could even take it in a lift, drive it around the office, or park it in your hallway at home. But it’s when you open up the throttle that this ingenious urban vehicle turns from curious oddity to mind-blowing wonder. 

DescriptionIt’s like something out of TRON! 

Because as you pick up speed, the U3’s third wheel automatically folds out, the rear wheels slide back and the U3 becomes a sleek urban streetbike. And all without sacrificing your overall stability and control. It’s like riding around on your very own transformer! 

The electric motor produces zero emissions, so you can ride around knowing you’re not damaging the planet. What’s more, it’s incredibly economical to run. A single charge from a domestic power socket will take you 30-35 miles, and recharging time is around 3-4 hours – making this the perfect way to beat the traffic jams, and make stuffy buses and packed commuter trains a thing of the past. Artoo would be proud.

Product Features: 

  • Road-ready transforming street bike
  • Small enough to bring indoors and powerful enough to drive on the road
  • Environmentally friendly, zero emissions (completely green)
  • More stable than a motorcycle at low speeds
  • Significantly lower operating costs than a petrol powered vehicle
  • Unique and stylish

Technical Specifications:

  • Top speed: 30mph (Motorcycle mode), 15mph (UNO mode)
  • Battery life: Approximately 30-35 miles
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours from household socket


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Do You Mind if We Share This Taxi Ma’am?


Entrepreneurs in foreign countries have already been using motorcycles as taxi cabs for years especially in the heavily congested parts of Asia.  It’s a trend that never caught on in the US.  But now Moto Limos believes American’s are ready and they’ve chosen the two cities with the densest populations,  New York and Los Angeles.

Moto Limo hopes to lure the busy business traveler to it’s services by pitching that when others are stuck in traffic, you’ll get to your destination on time.  blue Tooth helmets will be provided for productivity and they’ll provide rainsuits during inclimate weather and a blanket for those New York winters.

Moto-Limo says they can also carry some luggage for you.  Click here for luggage carrying ability

You can  also request a trailer with the taxi and will come with at least 15 year professional experienced rider. This is a club service so you can expect to pay a membership fee of  $125 to $150 depending on your choice of bikes and services.  It could cost you around $90 for the Gold Wing, that also depends on your membership status.