World Traveler

Become a World Traveler and Never Leave Your State!

And Receive This Cool Patch to Prove You Did It!

Official Rules:

It’s pretty simple.  All you have to do is visit 6 “International Cities” in your home state, or a neighboring state, email or snail mail us the photos with you and your bike, or just your bike holding a copy of USRiderNews and we’ll send you the patch, FREE!

That’s about all there is to the rules.  We’ll check your submission to make sure there is a corresponding city in another country.

Photos of other World Travelers!

( The town/city must be spelled EXACTLY as its US town but it doesn’t have to be pronounced the same. Sister towns and cities are not eligible.)

Groups are welcome and only one photo of the entire group is necessary, but please include all the names and or group name.

You can upload your photos to our FACEBOOK Page or send them snail mail to us at USRiderNews, P.O. Box 726 Swainsboro Ga 30401.


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